What Customers Are Saying about Our Sharpening Services

To instill confidence in our services, we have gathered some testimonials from our clients and business partners, who speak highly of the quality standards we strive to achieve through our sharpening services.

Our specialized leather goods workshop requires daily use of various leather and textile scissors/knives. We highly recommend the sharpening and maintenance services of the sharpening specialist, as we are completely satisfied with their work.

Mr. Yves Ferrier and Mr. Daniel Daris, founders and artisans at Cuir Ferrier-Daris

In both commercial and home kitchens, knives are essential tools. For greater efficiency and safety, they must be well sharpened. We have found at Le Spécialiste de l’aiguisage a quick service and impeccable quality that perfectly suits our business.

Frédéric Laperrière at Frédéro Traiteur

For all sharpening needs, Le Spécialiste offers exceptional, tailor-made, and very personable service. I recommend it to everyone, whether at work or at home.

Mr. Louis Roy Potvin, Executive Chef at Avocado Traiteur

During our stay in Canada, we needed to have our diving knives sharpened. It is crucial to entrust them to someone with expertise, as poorly done work could damage them. These knives are also generally expensive, so we want to take good care of them and avoid causing any damage. Moreover, they are essential pieces of equipment that must be sharp in case of emergencies. We found this expertise at Le Spécialiste de l’aiguisage. Although, fortunately, we didn’t have to use them, we are fully satisfied with the service and highly recommend it.

Members of the Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

Gratitude to Our Clients and Partners

We would like to extend our gratitude to all these clients and partners, as well as those not listed on this page. You can find more testimonials and partners on the links provided to our clients’ page.