Axes and Adzes

Each type of axe requires a specific sharpening technique

Different types of axes (splitting axes, general-purpose axes, camping axes, carpenter’s axes, etc.) all require different sharpening techniques due to their varied uses. For example, a splitting axe does not have the same sharpening angle as a carpenter’s axe or a general-purpose axe. They need to be roughly shaped with a grinding wheel, then leveled with a file, followed by a finer sharpening on a soft stone, and finally polished to achieve optimum performance and razor-sharp edges.

Adzes (sculptor’s axe), with the cutting edge at a 90-degree angle, shaped like a gouge with a handle, undergo the same treatment but in a more elaborate manner due to their shape and use. Those shaped like gouges require specialized tools for sharpening and need to be as sharp as razors.