Mortise Chisels

Mortise Chisels

Mortise chisels are precision tools that need to be well sharpened to achieve a beautiful finish and a good fit. A smooth finish on the interior of the mortise and the tenon improves the effectiveness of the glue joint. Entrusting the sharpening to a professional makes sense if we want to take the best care … Read more

Cold Chisels

Cold chisels

Although made of hard materials, cold chisels tend to dull quickly due to their usage. The cutting edge strikes against a hard surface with each hammer blow. When sharpening them, it’s essential to maintain the original angle to ensure the effectiveness of the impact and prolong their usability by maintaining strong resistance.

Woodworking chisels or gouges

Pairing Chisels

Woodworking chisels are tools that need to be sharpened properly to function correctly and safely. Entrusting their sharpening to a professional ensures that they are not damaged, burnt, or have their angles changed. The finishing polish after sharpening also reduces friction, allowing them to slide through the wood fibers with less resistance.