We can sharpen almost any kind of scissors. We also make sure that all the scissors we work on are finished with polishing which makes them not only very sharp but also super smooth. It is an essential step for precision scissors such as surgical or veterinarian scissors.

  • Dissection Scissors

    Dissection scissors are surgical tools that require particular expertise in sharpening. They need to be as sharp as razors to make fine, clean, and precise incisions.

  • Hairdressing Scissors

    These scissors are usually made of a hard and resistant cobalt and titanium alloy. Therefore, they must be sharpened by an expert using the right tools, as poor sharpening could render them ineffective.

    A specialized abrasive diamond-based stone is required for sharpening, followed by a polishing step to make them smooth and free of micro-serrations.

  • Moustache scissors

    These small scissors do not dull quickly, but they can become a torture tool, pulling and tearing hairs when they are not sharp. Due to their small size, they must be carefully and precisely sharpened by hand. The finishing polish removes any micro-serrations left by the stone.

  • Paper or Crafting Scissors

    These are the scissors found in almost every household, the same ones children use at school or for crafts. Even though they are inexpensive and readily available, there’s no need to buy new ones when they become dull.

    Sharpening them quickly and easily can extend their lifespan significantly and is more economical and eco-friendly.

  • Sewing Scissors

    Dull sewing scissors are useless and make the work impossible. If the fabric slips between the scissor blades or folds and frays instead of cutting, it means they are no longer sharp. As they need to cut thin and flexible materials, they must be precisely sharpened with a smooth and notch-free finish.

  • Veterinary or Surgical Scissors

    Veterinary scissors are used like those of surgeons; they must be as sharp as razors to achieve straight and clean cuts. This aids in healing and minimizes scarring.

    Sharpening them is a highly precise task as the blades or tips of these scissors are often curved. They also require a finishing polish to make them smooth and free from burrs and serrations