How to Use a Honing Steel

Present in almost every household, the honing steel, is a tool that partially and temporarily restores the sharpness of your knife. It does not replace proper sharpening but helps to prolong it.

Most people do not know how to use it properly and end up damaging or reducing the lifespan of their knives. The technique of use is quite simple and can be summarized in four easy steps, which should be repeated three times on each side of the knife’s blade.

  1. Hold the honing steel with the handle up and the tip pressed against the table or countertop.
  2. Press the base of the blade, near the handle, against the honing steel.
  3. Make sure the angle is correct.
  4. Draw the knife towards yourself, maintaining the same angle and pressing it against the honing steel until the tip.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the honing steel to keep your knives sharper and prolong the time between proper sharpenings.