Kitchen Knives

There are several models of kitchen knives with different uses. You probably have various types at home, from small peeling knives to larger chef’s knives or meat cleavers. All these knives can be easily sharpened by a specialist, even serrated knives like bread or steak knives, and even electric knife blades.

This category includes the following types of knives:

  • Cleavers
  • Butcher knives
  • Chef’s knives
  • Carving knives
  • Boning knives
  • Paring knives
  • Fillet and fish knives
  • Flank knives
  • Slicing knives
  • Poultry knives
  • Paring knives

We also offer related services, such as repairing and reconstructing broken knife handles, and it is also possible to create new ones.