Repair, Restoration, and Modification

Our knowledge and expertise have allowed us to expand our services and offer a wide range of repairs, restorations, and modifications. For some items, we can even create custom solutions according to your preferences and needs.

Why Choose Repairs?

Many people unknowingly dispose of knives, scissors, tools, and other items that are still in very good condition, simply because the handle is broken or the blade is damaged. However, it is possible and cost-effective to have them repaired. Moreover, giving these items a second life through repairs is a small ecological gesture.

What Can Be Repaired?

So, what can we repair? Here is a list of the most common repairs we offer. There may be other repairs that are not listed here, so feel free to contact us directly on the Contact Us page to get more information.

  • Knife tips
  • Knife handles
  • Pot and pan handles
  • Pocket or folding knives
  • Chipped or dull blades
  • Delaminated blades

As part of the restoration and repair process, we can remove rust and restore the original appearance of your knives, scissors, tools, or other items. For more details on rust removal services, you can refer to our Rust Removal Service page.