Miter saw

Electric Miter Saw

Miter saws are used in woodworking and carpentry to make precise angle cuts. They can be mechanical or manual and are mounted on a base with guides. Manual versions are a type of hand saw, while motorized versions have a large diameter circular saw blade. To prevent splintering or fraying of the wood, the blade … Read more

Food Processor Blades

Lames de robot culinaire

It is common to own a food processor, and it is an instrument that can last a lifetime. After some time, it may start to malfunction, which is usually related to blades that are no longer cutting properly. There’s no need to buy another one; a simple sharpening can restore its original function and add … Read more

Biscuit Joiner Blade

Biscuit joiners have gained popularity due to their speed and ease of use. They have small circular blades typically equipped with three to eight tungsten carbide teeth. The teeth must be precisely sharpened to maintain balance and consistent cutting between them, ensuring a tight fit for the biscuits in the joints.

Manual or gas ice auger blades

Ice auger

It’s easy to understand why people neglect their ice auger blades. The blades are relatively soft and require very little effort to cut. They are often not sharpened and are not adequately protected, which leads to accelerated corrosion, especially when stored in a damp environment. A well-sharpened blade reduces stress on the motor and saves … Read more

Paper Cutter or Guillotine Blades

Paper slicer

Paper cutters are common tools in offices, and some are quite old but still functional. It is easy to recognize when they need sharpening and readjustment when the paper slips between the blade and the table without being cut. These blades are designed to be periodically sharpened, and if done correctly, they can last for … Read more

Manual reel mower blades

Push mower

Manual reel mowers are making a comeback in urban areas due to their eco-friendly nature and suitability for small lawns. The blades in the reel have a helical arrangement, which means they are like spirals wound around the drum. Once sharpened, the mower needs to be readjusted to provide the maximum cut. Due to their … Read more

Barber Razor Blades

Barber straight razor

“Razor-sharp” is a well-known expression to say that a knife or tool is very sharp. Barber razors or old folding razors are among the sharpest tools. To achieve the closest shave, they need to be constantly sharpened to be as sharp as possible, cutting with minimal resistance. We can sharpen and polish these razors to … Read more

Circular or Radial Blades

Circular saw blade

Several tools with various uses are equipped with circular or radial blades. These include table saws, circular saws, miter saws, and brush cutters, among others. These blades usually have between 24 and 80 teeth, which need to be sharpened individually. Each tooth must have exactly the same sharpening to maintain consistent depth. The angle of … Read more