Gardening Tools

Gardening Tool - Pruner

It is advantageous and safe to seek professional sharpening services for even the simplest gardening tools. A variety of tools requires different sharpening methods. Although they may appear easier to sharpen, the work of a professional ensures much greater durability, better quality, and less damage to your tools. We sharpen common gardening tools as well … Read more

Pruning Saws

Foldable Pruning Saw

These saws are mounted at the end of long fiberglass or aluminum poles and are used to cut tree branches. They are designed to be very sharp as they need to cut quickly with minimal pressure.

Manual reel mower blades

Push mower

Manual reel mowers are making a comeback in urban areas due to their eco-friendly nature and suitability for small lawns. The blades in the reel have a helical arrangement, which means they are like spirals wound around the drum. Once sharpened, the mower needs to be readjusted to provide the maximum cut. Due to their … Read more